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  • Postcard style gallery

    You can make a postcard style gallery by choosing the appropriate image style from the menu on the edit page.
  • Videos videos everywhere

    Videos can be embedded by uploading flv files, or by referencing external files on Blip.TV or YouTube.
  • Newsletter

    Our latest newsletter is now available.
  • Contact details

    On this page you would show your address, telephone, fax and email details. You might embed a Google map and perhaps display a contact form so people could get in touch via the web page.
  • Knitwear designer launches new range

    This week 2 Knit launched their new range of knitting patterns specially suited to users of chunky knitting machines. Over 20 different designs of jumper, jacket and cardigan are available. For more information, go to www.2knit.co.uk
  • News article

    This news section contains a list of articles. Once logged in, it is easy to move articles up and down the page using the buttons provided. The title, summary and (optional) summary image of each article is shown.
  • Teacher sets off on 3000 mile bike ride to India

    Paul Abbott, a former Design & Technology teacher from Manchester has set off on a 3000 bicycle trip in order to raise money to build ten good quality homes for ten poor families in South India.
  • Gallery

    You can add multiple images to an article and display them as a gallery of thumbnails, or, as on this page, set them to automatically cross-fade to give a slideshow effect.
  • Log in and play!

    This site allows you to play with the Webulator software. The site is reset to its default state once every hour, so don't expect any changes you make to last very long. Keep an eye on the red countdown timer!
  • Bring and buy sale

    Bring and buy sale in the hall. Doors open at 10am.
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